Jesse Marks


In the heart of the bustling world of entertainment, there exists a maestro of sound, whose craft weaves sonic magic into the fabric of film and television. With two decades of unwavering dedication and passion, Jesse Marks stands as a pillar of excellence in post-production audio services.

From the delicate whispers of dialogue to the thunderous crescendos of action sequences, Jesse has meticulously sculpted soundscapes that breathe life into every frame. His keen ear and technical prowess have left a signature finish on a diverse array of projects, spanning genres and captivating audiences around the United States and beyond.


Behind the mixing console, Jesse orchestrates a sound palette that elevates storytelling to new heights. His mastery of sound design (complemented by an extensive field audio catalog), editing, and mixing is not just a profession but a relentless pursuit of sonic perfection. In the realm where every decibel matters, Jesse stands as a testament to the power of expertise and artistry.